Cloud Inside

This is the image that started the whole thinking process about CloudKeepers.
I will certainly come back to it a few times to unfold and track down all its imaginative power.

It is a picture by Berndnaut Smilde, one of his works called “Nimbus II”  made in 2012 inside HotelMariaKapel in Hoorn, Netherlands, where he had an art residency at the beginning of the year.

This picture went viral all around Facebook in the beginning of the year, I have seen it re-posted many times by people who didn’t care at all where it came from, or that it was meant as art. The mystery of this viral circulation is that no one knows where it got started: the artist, to this day doesn’t have a Facebook account, and the art space didn’t have one at that time. They posted this picture on their website, like they do with all their shows, and it all went by itself.

HotelMariaKapel does have a Facebook page now. The artist still doesn’t. But he gets invited all over the world to reproduce this cloud inside another space or to hang this picture.


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