Artist’s research: The Devil Probably

Does an artist really research?

***YesGericault, a heroic model.  The painter before doing Le Radeau de La Meduse  derived from a real event, heard a lot of stories, did a lot of studies, sometimes very morbid. In the 19th century painting studies are done before doing an important painting, but they can also be sold as paintings to connaisseurs who appreciate the work. Some artists would even do studies just for selling.

***Yes, what else?: the Leonardo Da Vinci model. An insatiable curiosity leads them to research about everything. In this case, creating a work is just a side activity, or an element in a research. Inventing, discovering is what really matters. You create ways of making art, that’s the only way making art can be worthwhile. Also be the Marcel Duchamp model (more with inventing than researching).

***No: The Picasso model: “je ne cherche pas, je trouve”. Intentions in art kill the art. The best works of art seem to be coming from nowhere. Everything you do is art. Why bother with research?

***Unfortunately: The Woody Allen model: “Love is the answer, but while you’re waiting for love, sex poses some very good questions…”. Research is for loosers. If you have a lack of inspiration,  or a lack of invitations to create or show, why not keep yourself busy while waiting for better times to happen?

***Not telling: The Raymond Roussel model. Elaborate a complicated creative method but never tell anyone. Keep everything secret. Create an enigma. Become a subject for research.
Avoid getting inspired by reality. Reveal your creative method only after your death “How I wrote certain of my books” (actually translated!). Remain unpopular, rejected, even despised during your whole lifetime.


Other possible models for artists/researchers

***The Scientist (Ferran Adria the cook) or when yoru studio becomes a lab

***The Fake Scientist ( Martijn Engelbrecht)