Indoor Cloud

Create Indoor Clouds In Your Home Based On Weather Conditions

Sometimes the weather’s bad enough outside that the last thing you want is to bring it into your lounge, but that hasn’t stopped the experimental arm of a German design company, Micasa Lab, from creating a weather-predicting lamp. Called Nebula 12 it gathers meterological data from the UK-based Met Office and recreates the forecast in your home in the form of a light or indoor clouds—“wake up to a flooding yellow light on a sunny day, or below a real cloud on that overcast winter morning,” they say.

Liquid nitrogen, wifi, and high power vacuum suction provide the necessaries to enable the lamp to produce these clouds—it combines liquid hydrogen with hot water to create a steam cloud—while tethering through the Nokia Lumia 920 for its internet connection. The idea, which is in the conceptual stage at the moment, means that the lamp will augment your home with the likely weather over the coming 48 hours, turning your living space into a surreal, and slightly abstract, monument to the great outdoors.

As well as being at the whim of the weather, users can also control the lamp to suit their needs, adjusting its brightness and color to concoct various cloud creations to use as an alternative to a more traditional lamp.

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