Research? What research?

How to speak of this research when I’m half way through it and still very confused about where it’s going to.

My research methods: the blog

-collecting day by day (like walking your dog, but on the net)

-reading later and sorting out

-creating categories to identify the main ideas

-keep a good design to show the research. (Blog= instrument + showcase) while accepting its limitations

-testing the qualities of the blog as research showcase by presenting it in public at an intermediary stage.

 How will I continue this research?

I have no idea. I’m like the person in the picture with his head in the cloud, going forward without seeing, without knowing the outcome. And maybe it’s a relevant vision of what a research is, or should be: a quest that doesn’t foresee its results.

As a reflection moment, I made this page about artist’s research, trying to envision different possible positions. In a revealing manner, I titled it  “confusion”.

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